Phil Smith, UX/UI Designer in Vancouver, BC

philsmith.old is BORING. The new Phil Smith dot me is launching Oct. 8. It’s gonna be a party – fun, weird, surprising, curious.

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You know me. You know words that describe me. Creative. Curious. Unconventional. Seeking excellence. Pursuing growth. Ambitious. Dreamer. These are both strengths and weaknesses simultaneously. Curious… Ambitious… Dreamer… Imagine if I don’t manage to get out of my dreams? Imagine if I never achieve excellence? Imagine if my growth is hindered?

There is an unexpected path forward—an unconventional one. Years ago I came across the altMBA as I was on the web. I piqued my interest. The altMBA is a 4-week intensive workshop where you learn through application, making and sharing something every 72 hours. It wasn’t the right timing then, so I tucked it away for later.

Fast forward to now: I’ve had an ongoing conversation with my friend and manager Loc about how I might grow. In our back-and-forth, I remembered the altMBA. I started learning more about it. Excitement grew with every page I read (and I read every page on the site). The description says that it’s for people who want to ‘level up and lead.’ This hit home.

This is the way that my big dreams will become reality—dreams to make prolific work as a designer, dreams to use my talents to increase human flourishing. In the altMBA I will learn through application about storytelling, strategy, persuasion, marketing.


The fundamental objective of the altMBA is to make change happen.

Through the program I will learn how to make change happen, drive innovation, give feedback, operate under ambiguity.

It’s funny—I unknowingly tried to start my own altMBA a few months ago. I recruited some friends with creative ambitions to work on their projects. We would share progress each week. We would coach and inspire each other. It didn’t get off the ground. The altMBA is the fulfillment of that failure. I am thrilled to be forged in this fire.