Phil Smith

Vancouver, BC

Believing in a world where tech empowers human flourishing. Designer with over 6 years of diverse experience. Born in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest at heart.


App ecosystem launchpad

primary designer

Starting place for users in an ecosystem of apps and services.

Paprika logo

primary designer, creative direction

Logo for an internal design system project which is called Paprika.

Enamel pin

primary designer, creative direction

Made to celebrate a big, Star Wars themed release that the whole product and engineering team delivered.

Automated workflow setup

primary designer

The app watches for important changes in data and triggers actions when those changes happen.

Design sprint: lightning demo

participant, designer

An effective exercise from a more extensive, multi-day design sprint. Each sprint participant finds a relevant design pattern and presents it. All of the patterns are sketched together.

Design system: tokens

designer, design systems

I led the creation of a system of variables the helps increase consistency in an app ecosystem. Tokens are more than simple variables in that they are named intuitively based on their use (e.g. $popover-shadow).

Timbersmith brand identity

designer, creative direction

Brand identity for the craft furniture maker Timbersmith. Danish modern in style, built traditionally with unique, local materials.

P.S. I made this table!

Attorney’s logomark

designer, creative direction

Scott Thorson Law is an ethical personal injury attorney. This logomark is part of the brand identity I designed for the firm.

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